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Azs-Plus is one of the largest independent network of gas stations, petroleum refiners and marketers in the Perm and Saratov region of Russia, with a strategically concentrated presence in Perm, saratov, Russia and CIS. Headquartered in Permisky krai - Perm, our assets include refineries, wholesale and commercial marketing operations, network of retail fuel stations, and logistics operations that leverage assets owned by AZS+ Logistics as part of our integrated value chain.



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We operate refineries in Pugachev region, permsky krai and 2 more places in the Saratov region, Eastern Siberia region, CIS. Learn More.


Logistics: Azs+ has ownership in high growth independent logistics – Azs+ Logistics, a well positioned assets around key basins and connected to major gathering, storage, transportation and processing hubs.  Learn More.


Our marketing and convenience store portfolio includes more than 800 network of gas stations nationwide and the CIS where we resell fuels and lubricants by means of AZS+ Distribution subsidiary. Learn More.


Azs+ Office

Soviet Army Street, 53, Permskiy krai
614095, Perm, Russia

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