Board of Directors

  • Artem V. Lebedyansky

    Chairman, Board of Directors

  • Gregory M. Gribanov

    Independent Director, Audit Committee

  • Mikhail A. Lenin

    Independent Director, Compensation Committee

  • Maxim K. Matveyev

    Independent Director, Governance Committee

  • Alexey L. Kovalenko

    Independent Director, HSE

  • Boris T. Stepanov

    Independent Director, Audit Committee


  • Artem V. Lebedyansky N.

    CEO/Chairman - Board of Directors, JSC AZS+

  • Dmitry G. Iosifov

    Executive Vice-President, Commercial Value Chain

  • Alexander D. Demidov

    Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, AZS+ Logistics

  • Oleg B. Golubev

    Executive Director, Sales and Export, AZS+ Logistics

  • Alexey F. Kasparov

    Executive Director, Marketing, Brand & Retail

  • Milana E. Kristova

    Executive Director and Head - Human Resources

  • Petya D. Korin

    Executive Director, Onshore/Offshore Operations

  • Konstantin M. Ageyev

    Senior Director, Strategy & Business Developmet

  • Evgenya V. Shupenko

    Senior Director, Logistics & Transportation Operations