How We Got Here

Azs-Plus was founded in the 2011 as a company primarily engaged in the marketing and sales of petroleum products through network of gas stations and truck. It was formerly Azs LLC and gradually evolved to be Azs-Plus - an exploration and production company. Azs-Plus started its own small refinery by producing on average 80,000 cbm/day of petroleum products, and began shifting its focus to refining and marketing from early 2000. Since 2013, through strategic growth, financial discipline, strong execution and the commitment of its employees, Azs+ has become one of the leading independent refinery - production company in the region of Perm and Saratov.


  • Before 2011: As LLC Azs - involved in distribution of oil via network of gas stations & trucks.
  • 2011: Incorporation of AZS-Plus
    Began the construction phase of the refinery
  • 2012: The first group of builders along with equipment, arrived at construction sites.
  • 2014: A catalytic plant was put into operation as the first technological object.
    Then, Hydrogenation, engineering and repair Plant.
    Production of >850.000 cbm of oil products.
  • 2015-2016: EP-300 ethylene and propylene unit, a butyl alcohol unit and an AM-76 ammonia unit were commissioned.
    Visbreaking unit, ELOU-AVT-4 -an atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit and AVT-4 facility were commissioned.
  • 2017: Maintenance and redesign of facility to produce > 9.8 Million tons per year.