Production Facility

The supply of petroleum products to consumers is at the heart of the Azs-Plus refinery business.

The Refinery operates on integrated, flexible fuel value chains, producing and marketing a wide range of petroleum products through a network of integrated upstream and downstream assets located in the Permsky krai and Saratovskaya region.

Our main line of business

The main activities of the Azs+ Refinery include:

    Our daily refining capacity is 781,000 +/- barrels, making us an experienced, safe and reliable operator. The refinery produces and blends a wide range of petroleum products sold locally, including jet fuel, gasoline and diesel for personal vehicles, home heating fuels and bitumen for road construction.
    The refinery has a total storage capacity of 1.1 m ㎥ + / - in various locations from Perm to Novorossiysk and to Primorsk for storing oil and gas as well as petroleum products.
    We serve a large network of B2B and retail customers throughout Russia, CIS countries, Europe, China and the Americas. Through resellers and direct distribution channels, we distribute a wide range of local products such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and heating oil.

We are renowned for providing high quality petroleum products for everyday use thanks to our robust fuel storage infrastructure and first-class customer service. Our services are: processing, storage, mixing, distribution and sale.


Our refineries are supplied by domestic feedstocks, which include from Saratov, the East Siberian region, the Ural-Volga region, and also by foreign raw materials, including from the CIS countries, South America and other foreign countries.


Petroleum products processed at our facilities include: conventional gasoline and conventional diesel fuels, jet fuel, heavy fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel gases, asphalt, propane, propylene, petroleum coke and calcined coke.

Azs+ Products & Services