Azs+ Production

Azs-Plus is one of Russia's leading and modern oil producer and refinery in the region of Perm and Saratov, located in Oktyabrsky and Chernushinsky oil field districts about 70 miles in the southern Perm region of Russia. The Refinery has a total crude-oil capacity of 110,000 barrels per day (bpd).

The refinery primarily supplies gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel to markets in Saratov and Russian cities, and manufactures heavy fuel oils, liquefied petroleum gas and asphalt. It receives crude feedstock via pipeline from Siberia, by rail from Vladivostok and the CIS and by tanker from both local and foreign sources.

Oil and natural gas exploration and production are our core activities. We seek to increase our reserves and develop production to make sure we can meet the increased demand for energy. With modern technology and the persistence of our employees, we overcome challenges that once seemed impossible, such as the deep waters challenge. Today, production in deep pre-salt waters is already a consolidated reality. Therefore, we are always expanding our operations in a sustainable manner in areas with great potential for exploration and production.

Most of our oil reserves are nestled in offshore fields, a fact that has led our drilling activities to achieve increasing depths. We expect to reach total production of oil and gas of 5.41 million bpd in 2025.

Azs+ Refinery ships gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel through a third-party pipeline system that serves Western and Eastern Europe and the CIS. The facility delivers refined products, including gasoline and components for it, through our marine terminal, to ships and barges. Additionally, Azs-Plus operates refined products terminals at Chernushinsky and Oktyabrsky - Permsky krai, Novorossiysk, Port Tuapse and Vladivostok, Ust-Luga.